Prepare Dry Fruit Thali for Rakhi Festival:

Rakshabandhan or rakhi is very charming and fabulous celebration ofIndia. it is one of the most beautiful and most celebrated festivals of the country. It is a festival of love and trust between brother and sister. During this festival a sister praise for her brother’s good fortune with binding a strip of rakhi on his wrist. In return a brother also promises to protect lifelong good & critical circumstance and gives good gifts. Due to rakhi is a bond of love, a brother or a sister wanted to show his/her feelings with appropriate gift item.

Dry fruits are one of best gift item during this festival. It is not a way to impress other but also a way to enhance health of our relation. Relationship between brother and sister is a pure or golden gift by lord on earth, thus a gift has a well importance on this occasion.

Rakhi thali preparation is a part of this festival. A sister praise brother with this rakhi thali after worshipping lord. Rakhi thali decorated with various elements. Rakhi thali involve various things such as tilak, rakhi threads, sweets, coconut and diya. Now days dry fruits also use as a part of this rakhi thali. Its enhance beauty of this rakhi thali. It is a sign of good things on this occasion. Various dry fruits can decorate in rakhi like Apricots, Raisins, Pine nuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnuts and Pista chios.

Dray fruits are a way of test and a way of express feelings to our living being. Dry fruits also increase the beauty of rakhi thali. Rakshabandhan is an ancient festival ofIndia. this festival does not effects with distance or any other difficult circumstance. People like to enjoy this festival as a part of their life.

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Rakhi Celebrations of Brothers and Sisters:

Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is one of the most prominent and famous festival inIndia. this is a festival of love and trust among brothers and sisters. Rakhi festival is not only famous inIndiabut also famous among other neighbor countries likeNepal,Bangladesh, andPakistan. Rakhi is a bond of love. People celebrates this festival inIndiawith great joyful feelings and enthusiasm.

This rakhi festival is also a sign to make a strengthen relationship between brother and sister. Rakshabandhan festival is celebrated every year on full moon day of Shrawan month  according to hindu calendar. celebration of rakhi was started before a long time period from actual Rakhi day. Hindu people makes preparations to celebrate it from before some weeks.

Markets are decorated with flowers and lights. Seller of fancy items and rakhi decorates there  shops with various patterns of rakhi. Some shopkeepers decorates gifts items also. Sweets are decorated with attractive lights at shops. During rakhi time sisters goes to buy various things related to rakhee. They buy colorful and various patterns of Rakhi. they buy gifts for their brothers. Brothers also make themselves prepare for this festival of love. They also buy gifts and other items for their sisters.

On Rakshabandhan day people prepare themselves with early bath. They clean their house and decorate for worship to their deities. They wear colorful new adornments. They goes to market and buy sweets and rakhis.  (more…)

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