Rakhi is a very beautiful and one of charming festivals ofIndia. rakhi is also called as rakshabandhan, it is known as a bond of trust and love. This is ancient celebration of relationship between sister and brother. Rakhi is a festival of love and affection among sisters and brothers. During this festival a sister tie a ribbon or rakhi strip on her brother wrist and pray god for good things for him.

A brother also promises to protect her sister from various difficult situations in her life. During this festival both brother and sister gives various gifts to each other according to choice or theme of festival. In today’s market there are various gifts items are available for both brother and sister such as cloths, jewelry, cosmetic items, pen sets, mobile phones, purses and begs etc. Dry fruits are also given on this occasion of rakhi as a gift hamper.

Dry fruits are most favorite choice as a gift on Rakshabandhan. It is a healthy and very beautiful icon of love. Dry fruits are very useful to enhance heath and also an icon of rich fortune in Indian tradition. Dry fruits are a good way to touch a heart of brother or sister on this festival. There are various kind of dry fruits can use on this occasion as a gift item.  here is a short list of Dry Fruits as follows.

Rakhi Dry Fruits:

  1. Apricots
  2. Raisins
  3. Pine nuts
  4. Almonds
  5. Cashew nuts
  6. Walnuts
  7. Pistachios

Dry Fruits As Gift:

  • Dry Fruits have to pack in beautiful gift packing elements to enhance its beauty.
  • Dry Fruits can be packed in colorful appropriate baskets.
  • Dry Fruits are also used to decorate puja thali.
  • Dry Fruits are fresh and healthy for all of us.
  • It is a sign of purity and good fortune. 

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Prepare Dry Fruit Thali for Rakhi Festival:

Rakshabandhan or rakhi is very charming and fabulous celebration ofIndia. it is one of the most beautiful and most celebrated festivals of the country. It is a festival of love and trust between brother and sister. During this festival a sister praise for her brother’s good fortune with binding a strip of rakhi on his wrist. In return a brother also promises to protect lifelong good & critical circumstance and gives good gifts. Due to rakhi is a bond of love, a brother or a sister wanted to show his/her feelings with appropriate gift item.

Dry fruits are one of best gift item during this festival. It is not a way to impress other but also a way to enhance health of our relation. Relationship between brother and sister is a pure or golden gift by lord on earth, thus a gift has a well importance on this occasion.

Rakhi thali preparation is a part of this festival. A sister praise brother with this rakhi thali after worshipping lord. Rakhi thali decorated with various elements. Rakhi thali involve various things such as tilak, rakhi threads, sweets, coconut and diya. Now days dry fruits also use as a part of this rakhi thali. Its enhance beauty of this rakhi thali. It is a sign of good things on this occasion. Various dry fruits can decorate in rakhi like Apricots, Raisins, Pine nuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnuts and Pista chios.

Dray fruits are a way of test and a way of express feelings to our living being. Dry fruits also increase the beauty of rakhi thali. Rakshabandhan is an ancient festival ofIndia. this festival does not effects with distance or any other difficult circumstance. People like to enjoy this festival as a part of their life.

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