Rakhee is a beautiful festival of brother and sister relationship. This festival has similar feelings with different ages of people. It is also famous festival among children or kids. In market there are various kinds of rakhi designs available. Rakhi patterns for youth do not suitable for kids. Kids like rakhi according to their choice and desire. In current time there is various kind of kids or children rakhi available. some of them as follow.

Cartoon Rakhi:

Children like various cartoons. They like to look their favorite cartoon images on their rakhi. in current time there are various cartoon rakhi patterns available such as Spiderman rakhi, superman rakhi, Donald duck rakhi, Mickey mouse rakhi, Nemo rakhi, Tweety rakhi, Krish rakhi. Children like to appreciate with various cartoon images on their rakhi.

Musical Rakhi:

Musical rakhi patterns are also famous among kids. They appreciate with various forms of music. In current time there are various musical designed rakhi available. Some of musical forms of rakhi are also available with cartoon images.

Stylish Kid Rakhi:

Stylish kid rakhi also attract children on this festival of rakshabandhan. They like to choose colorful stylish rakhi patterns to wear on their wrist. As like above patterns of rakhi in market there are various other designs of rakhi also popular among children. Floral form of kid rakhi also attracts kids.

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Rakhi is a way of strengthen relationship among brothers and sisters. Rakhi is a festival which also called as Rakshabandhan. During this festival a sister bind a rakhi thread on his brother’s wrist. rakhi may be various patterns or design. Gold Rakhi is one of beautiful pattern of rakhi. Gold is a symbol of beauty and royalty. In ancient time of royal families use golden made rakhi on the festival of rakshabandhan. This was the sing of their royalty and richness. But now days gold rakhi can not be afford by each family. It is just a part of rich family during rakshabandhan.

But now days there are various designs are available which effects of gold. Some of rakhi designs prepare with golden colors. Some patterns of rakhi also available in golden touch. There are some of pattern of gold rakhi as follows.

Patterns of Gold Rakhi:

(1) Gold Bracelet Rakhi:

Gold bracelet rakhi is much famous among youngsters ofIndia. this is a very good looking bracelet which also much stronger than other pattern of rakhi.

(2) Gold Chain Rakhi:

Gold chin rakhi is another beautiful pattern of rakhi. it has a look of traditional and stylish pattern. Youth like to wear this fancy rakhi during this festival. A person can also wear this gold chain rakhi after finishing of rakshabandhan festival.

(3) Gold Plated Rakhi:

Gold plated rakhi is a rich kind of rakhi. this is a beautiful and much costly pattern of rakhi. this form of rakhi plated with golden touch.

(4) Golden Coin Rakhi:

It is another different kind of rakhi. this form of gold rakhi prepare with coins. This is also a famous pattern of gold rakhi among people.

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