Raksha Bandhan of India :

Raksha Bandhan is a unique festival to celebrate the sacred bond and cohesive relationship between a brother and a sister. This ritual is usually celebrated by the Sikhs and the Hindus. This auspicious occasion is celebrated in the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar.

Raakhi is celebrated to honor the vows of a brother for her sister to shield her from any harm. The sister in turn prays for a long and blissful life for her brother.  This event is marked by the sister tying a holy thread on her brother’s right wrist implying the strong affection and sensitive bonding. The thread consists of beautiful combinations of multicolored strings and may also be decorated with beautiful stones and beads. A feast of sweets and delicious delicacies follows.

Rakhi is not only a family affair but may as well be celebrated on a societal basis. Many girls commemorate this festival with close friends and even neighbors.  There is communal bonding among various groups of people and this occasion is an ideal opportunity to overcome personal differences and celebrate brotherhood.

Raksha Bandhan is incomplete without gifts. Every brother presents his sister with a well-chosen gift. Such is the importance of gift that goddess Lakshmi got a gift from the Demon king Bali when she tied the holy thread to Bali. Goddess Lakshmi had deliberately created this bond so that she could ask for the release of Lord Vishnu, who was guarding Bali’s kingdom under oath, as a gift.

Shop owners have a profitable season during Raksha Bandhan as brothers and sisters throng the markets to buy gifts, raakhis, new clothes, sweets, etc. Markets have a dazzling look with their display of colourful raakhis, gift items, sweets, etc. (more…)

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Raksha Bandhan is a very popular festival of India and is most awaited by brothers and sisters. This festival represents the bond of love between brothers and sisters. This festival shows the affection between brothers and sisters. On this day, siblings pray for the happiness of each other and make promise to help each other in their evil conditions.

Raksha Bandhan The Bond of Love:

This festival generally falls in the month in the month of August according to Gregorian calendar and celebrated on the day of Sharavan purnima according to Hindu calendar. On this day, people wake up early in the morning, wear new clothes and make preparations for this day. Sisters decorate a thali and place rakhi, sweets, rice and other things in it. Then they put a tilak on her brother’s forehead and tie rakhi (thread of love) on his wrist. Give him a coconut and offer him sweets. While doing all this, sisters pray for the well-being of her brother.

Brothers give gifts to their sisters and make a promise to save her from all the troubles. After that they enjoy all day by eating delicious sweets, performing dance, etc. So, this tradition strengthens the love between brothers and sisters and makes them think about each other in this busy world.

People start preparations for this festival almost before a month. Sisters start looking for beautiful rakhis in market and brothers look for special gifts. You can also find very special gifts available on internet. Sisters who are living far away from his brothers send her rakhi and love to him by post.  Many sisters also observe fast on this day for the well-being of their brothers. So, it is a very auspicious day for all brothers and sisters.

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