Rang Panchami Festival of Colors:

Rang Panchami is a most famous festival in the region of state of Maharashtra in India. It is the festival of colors and joys of people of this religious and beautiful state of India. This is the festival which is celebrated in all over of India as the name of Holi. This festival of Rang Panchami is also known as a name of Shimgo or Shimga in this state of Maharashtra.

People celebrated this festival with their best feelings of joys and happiness. They dances and sings songs about the religious things of this festival with a great pleasure.

This is the festival of Maharashtra which is famous amongst the community of fisher folk of this state. Festival of Rang Panchami observed on fifth day of Holi festival the Chaitra Krishna paksha in the month of Falgun according to the Hindu Calendar of India.  It is the festival of Maharashtra which is most popular in the rural areas of state. Farming communities of this state celebrated this festival of Rang Panchami as a day of joys and they give it importance as a welcoming of spring season.

Rang Panchami is one of the most celebrated festivals of this state of Maharashtra and has a great significant for people belongs to rural and agriculture parts of this state so they often celebrate this with a great moment of joys.

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