Spring season in India is the time for harvesting and it is the time of joy and celebration of various occasions of festivals. It is also a time to celebrate the fabulous days during the spring season. India is a great religious country and most popular country living by the most of the people belongs to Hindu religion.

So it is also known as the name of Hindustan in all over the world. So, this country celebrated most of the festivals related to Hinduism. But there is a land which is also celebrated the festivals related to other religions. There is a list of various festivals or especial days which will be celebrate in the month of May, 2012 as following.

Indian Festivals and Fairs In May Month 2012:

  • May Day : May 1, 2012
  • Ravindra Nath Tagore Jayanti : May 8, 2012
  • Buddha Purnima : May 5, 2012

All above are the festivals of India which will be celebrated in the month of May, 2012. (more…)

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Rastra Mandal is a group of nations working together for international purpose. This is the day which signifies the importance of this group of countries. They organize each of the years a Sport competition in a country of the group. This sport activity called as a Rastra Mandal Khel. During this competition various games organizes. Each of the country send a group of player belongs to various games to the other organizer country.

Rastra Mandal Diwas is a dedication to the unity of those member countries of this group. It is a celebration to make their relation more strong for there future. This is a most important sport organization to make strong the relationship among the member country of Rastra Mandal.

Rastra Mandal Diwas in 2013: 24 May

Rastra Mandal Diwas will be held as on 24th of May as like previous years of celebration of that day. This is the day when each of the member of Rastra Mandal work for betterment of people of those countries. They organize various programs on that occasion.

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