As on eighth day of Shukla Paksha of the month of Magh according to Hindu calendar this day is marks as the day of Bhisma Ashtami – Bhismashtami in India. This is the day which is celebrated in memory of a most important religious character of a great religious epic named Mahabharata.

It is a day of Bhisma also known as Bhisma Pitamah. According to mythology of Hindu religion on this day the soul of Bhisma Pitamah was departed from his body. Bhisma was the one the most significant and powerful character of the great epic Mahabharata for his sacrifices.

Bhisma Pitamah had got bless from his father named Shantanu that he will not die without his wish. In Mahabharata battle after 18th day he had chosen the eighth day of shukla paksha of the month of Magh to depart his soul from the body. This is the day which celebrated as Bhismashtami in India. When Bhisma Pitamah released his body it was the time of Uttarayana. People from various parts of India celebrated that day as an important part of their religious life. Some of the people observed this day a fast without taking water to remember a legend of Hindu religion.

Bhisma Ashtami or Bhismashtami In 2012 : 31 January

As like each of the year in year 2012 the day of Bhismashtami will come as on 31 of january and will be celebrate all around the corners of country. It will be the day to join religious acts of Hindu religion.

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