A place in India  where Buddha Spent his last 20 years of life. It is located about 17 kilometers away from Balrumpur and this place was the famous capital of Place called Kosala. It is one of six famous cities of Buddha dharma.

Historical Importance of Shravasti :

The city was vibrant and one of the richest city in the middle part of India, Buddha made this city headquarter in the 19th year of his Nirvana. One of  wealthiest businessman named Anathapindika invited Buddha to this city when Buddha was giving his teachings in Rajgir. This way Buddha came here in Shravasti.

Famous Visiting Places at Shravasti:

  1. Kakacupama Sutta
  2. Vimamsaka Sutta
  3. Many monasteries
  4. Temples

How To Reach Shravasti :

By Air

Lucknow is the nearest airport to Sravasti which is situated151kms away from this place and also  the capital of U.P. The airport of Lucknow is connected  to several Indian cities like, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore and Mumbai etc.

By Railway:

From Sravasti, Balarampur is the nearest Railway Station, which is 19 kms away from this place. A good amount of tracks and trains are associated with this place  Balarampur. So by this way one can easily reach to this city using Railway as a transportation medium.

By Road:

Distance of  Sravasti to cities like Lucknow is151kms, Varanasi  is around 401kms in the state Uttar Pradesh, so by this way this city is well connected with rest of the India through road network.

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