Easter Sunday or Easter Day is also known as the name of Resurrection Sunday or Resurrection Day. Easter is a feast of Christ Jesus time. There is a myth among the people belongs to Christian religion that on Easter Sunday Jesus Christ rose form his dead. This was the third day after crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Easter is a movable feast and which has a mean of the feast not fixed during the civil calendar.

Here is a good song which is made on the theme of Easter celebration from a famous Hindi film.

Easter Sunday is one of the great celebrations of Christians and it celebrated after a long period of 40 days of worshiping and fasting. According to the people belongs to Christian religion who believed that they have to prepare themselves as spiritual dead by a long spiritual struggle. On the day of Easter Sunday they want to meet to Jesus Christ and wants to raise again the Jesus form dead.

  • Easter Sunday In 2014 : 20 April

Easter Sunday is the time when people from  (more…)

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