Roop Chaudas is the second day of Diwali festival in India. Roop Chaudas is one of the Main day for celebration of five days festival of Diwali. This day of Roop Chaudas observe fourteenth day of waxing phase of moon or Krishna Paksha of Kartik month of Hindu calendar in the country. Diwali is a festival not only celebrated in India but also observes or celebrated in Nepal and some parts of Bangladesh too. Nepal is also a Hindu people nation so it is also celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm. Roop Chaudas is a part of this festival.

Roop Chaturdashi Celebration :

Roop Chaudas is a sign or a day which is observed to beautify them by people. People on this day beautify themselves to make ready for day of Diwali festival. On this day people especially oiled themselves and than take an especial bath for beautify themselves. Those people also tried various elements to beautify themselves.

There is another importance of celebration of this day of Roop Chaudas in India. According to myth on this day lord Krishna killed a demon Narkasura and destroyed his evils from earth. People also worship lord Krishna on this day. They observe ritual acts for the celebration of Roop Chaudas.

Roop Chaudas In Year 2012 : 12 November

Roop Chaudas observe each of the years on fourteenth day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and in the year 2012 it will be celebrated as on 12 nov.  after a day of Dhanteras. This will be celebrated as two reasons one for Krishna’s legend and one for purpose of beautify.

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