India is a country of fairs and festivals. It is the land of religious festivals during the whole year. Various types of the festivals celebrated in all of the twelve months of a year. In the year 2012 there are some following festivals will be time to enjoyment and joyous of happiness of the month of June.

Indian Festivals In June 2012:

  • 01 June – Kurma Jayanti
  • 02 June – Sani Trayodasi
  • 04 June – Jyeshta Purnima
  • 21 June – Rath Yatra
  • 24 June – Skanda Panchami

All of above are the festivals which will be come in the month of June, 2012. Among all of them some of are the most important festivals which are celebrated by the most of the people in India by various religion and casts.

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 Shani Pooja

Shani Pooja

Shaneshwar Jayanti is the day of birth of lord Shani in Hindu religion. It is the celebration of the day of birth of Shani Dev observes as on the Jyestha Amavashya in the month of Vaishakhi according to the Hindu calendar.

Shaneshwar Jayanti of Lord Shani Maharaaj:

This is the day which is observed as day to worship lord Shani.

Lord Shani also known as the name of Shaneshwar, Shanichar, Shani dev etc. Shani is a one of the nine religious celestial deities of Hindu Religion. He was one of the nine grah (Planets) of universe.

There is a tradition of birth chart in Indian religious philosophy. If there is a bad effect of Shani Dev in a one’s birth chart than it will be bad effectual for him. To reduce or remove or make happy the lord Shani people worship his on the time of Shani Amavashya or Shani Triyodashi days. Shani Dev most like the bath of oil so people on that time give a bath of oil to Shani Dev.

Shaneshwar Jayanti is the most important celebration of Hinduism because of people do not want to come in the bad effect of the position of Shani Dev. So they celebrate the day of Shaneshwar Jayanti with much of joys and feelings of worship the lord.

Shaneshwar Jayanti :


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