Shravan mas is the sacred month of the Hindu religion. It comes after the Ashadh month and before the Bhadrapad month as Hindu calendar. This month have full of festivals and holiest occasions. Shravana month is totally fulfilled with happiness and joy.

All Mondays are the most important days in the Shravana month because they are most sacred days for worship of lord Shiva. In this month Samundra Manthan had done by the Gods and Danavas. Janmashtami festival also be celebrated in this month.

In Shravana maas Kavad yatra also conducted by the Hindus which goes to lord Shiva temples. The beautiful rainy season also comes in this month.

Sharvana Mahina As Hindu Calender:

We can say Shravana month is a very sacred month because of all the festivals are celebrated by the Hindu peoples. In this month we have many auspicious occasions and we celebrate them with a great joy and enthusiasm.

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