Holi is a festival of colors and is known by different names in different parts of the country. Method of celebration is little bit different in all parts but everywhere people show full enthusiasm and enjoy this festival to the fullest. All states in India used to follow different legends associated with Holi festival. But all legends give us the same moral of victory of good over evil.

Shimgo Festival at Goa :

In Goa, festival of Holi is known by the name of Shimgo. People of Goa are very fun-filled and enthusiastic and therefore,

Shimgo Festival In Goa

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they enjoy this festival with lot of fun. Here also, people play with colors and celebrate this festival to welcome the arrival of spring season. So, some people also know this festival by the name of Rangpanchami. On this day, people prepare special recipes of food such as rice, mutton curry or spicy chicken also called as shagoti and some sweets. After playing with colors, people used to eat all these special food delights and enjoy a lot.

In Panjim, a huge pageant is carried out on this day which is the most interesting factor of Holi celebration in Goa. Troupes give their performances and cultural drama is performed based on religious and mythological stories. This also gives children a chance to know about the religious stories associated with the festival and come closer to their culture.

Everyone in Goa participates in this festival with full passion and enjoys a lot. It will be a great pleasure to see Goa covered with colors at the time of Holi. Your vacation fun will get double and you will feel the place like heaven. So, if you are (more…)

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