Shiv Aarti Song Lyrics In Hindi:

Lord Shiv is one of the trinity Brahama, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is known as destroyer of the world. He is famous by name like – Neelkanta, Bholenath, Kailashpati, Mahadev and Umapati because of his different kind of personality. Lord Shiv is known as owner of all dangerous reptiles like – snakes. People worship lord Shiv to be secure from any kind of danger.

God get happy quickly by his devotees as compare to lord Brahama and Vishnu. So people worship him to fulfill their desire quickly. It is also said that lord Shiv was good husband of Parvati. So bachelor girls worship him for best husband for her life. Aarti of lord Shiv is sung by people on every Monday to describe and pray the personality of god.

shiv aarti

shiv aarti

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