Nathdwara is the most important place to learn and know more about the Hindu religion. It is the place famous for Shrinathji temple. People from various parts visited this place to know more about this religious town of Lord Krishna.

Shrinathji Patotsav is one of the most auspicious occasions of this place of Nathdwara. Shrinathji Patotsav is a dedication to Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology on that day Shrinathji visited to Mathura at the home of lord Girdharji. Actually Girdharji is also an incarnation of lord Krishna.

Shrinathji Patotsav is marks as on seventh day of Krishna Paksha of Magh month of Hindu calendar. On that day Shrinathji plays the game of colorful Holi with family of Girdharji. Girdharji offered the gold and some of gifts to Shrinathji. Shrinathji Patotsav is also a part of arrival festival of Holi. It is the festival of joy and colors of life. Shrinathji Patotsav is the beginning of this colorful part of the religious life of persons.

Shrinathji Patotsav is one of the major ritual activities of this religious town Nathdwara. It is the time of fasts and acts of religion. During the time of Shrinathji Patotsav in Nathdwara people from various states visited in high quantity major Gujarati people are visited the religious place. Shrinathji Patotsav is a part of people from Vaishnava religion

Shrinathji Patotsav at Nathdwara in Year 2012 :

Shrinathji Patotsav is most watch able religious activity of Vaishnava Community. It is the time to beginning of a major festival (more…)

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