Story of Rama’s Brother Lakshmana in Ramayana :

According to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, Lakshmana was a brother of Lord Rama and an avatar of Sheshnaga, the divine serpent of Lord Vishnu. Since Sheshnaga is always beside Vishnu, Lakshmana was also always by his brother Rama’s side. Lakshmana was born to Sumitra and had a twin brother by the name of Shatrughna. He loved and respected his brother Rama very much and was

Ram Lakshmana

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completely devoted to him. When Lord Rama married Sita, the daughter of King Janaka, Lakshmana married Sita’s younger sister Urmila. Lakshmana is generally considered to have a short-temper, but in several occasion he displayed a great presence of mind and courage. He never left his brother and always stood by his side.

Lakshmana was an invincible warrior and was committed to serve his brother. When Lord Rama had to go for a 14 years of exile, Lakshmana accompanied him throughout his exile and war with Ravana. Lakshmana served Lord Rama and Sita reverently at the time of exile. One day Surpanakha, Ravana’s sister saw Lord Rama and was filled with desire to marry him. She takes the form of a very beautiful woman and approaches Lord Rama.

She proposes Lord Rama to marry her, but Lord Rama refused her proposal by telling her that he is married to Sita and will remain faithful to her only.

She then approaches Lakshmana and asks him to marry her, but Lakshmana too refused her proposal and told her that he cannot take care of her and he has to serve his brother Rama and fulfill his duties. Surpanakha becomes angry due to their rejection and then insults Sita by threatening to eat her. Lakshmana angered by the insult cuts off Surpanakha’s nose.

During the war of Lord Rama with Ravana, Lakshmana fought bravely and played a major role in the war. He killed Indrajit, the mighty son of Ravana in a battle which took place for three days and three nights.

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