Music is a very important part of our life. We cant assume life without music because it would like Body without soul. Music is produced by the various instruments for different kind of music.

Each instrument has its own story and importance behind its evolution. Some instruments are region specific due to their culture and tradition. The basic of all instrument is to produce meaningful music that can touch heart of audience.

Some basic and famous Indian Musical instruments are as follows :-

  1. Sitar – It’s the main string instrument of India. String instrument is popular because its best accompanied instrument for singing. this instrument is played by finger.
  2. Tabla– It’s consists of two drum- Tabla and Dagga. Both are made of wooden one open side covered with stretched skin. Both drum are played by hands.
  3. Shahnai – It’s the instrument of woodwind. Sound is produced by pushing air from one side hole and playing fingers over the hole between both side. Its very popular instrument played at time of marriage.
  4. Mridangam (pakawaj) – Its belongs to the percussion family to produce buzzing sound.
  5. Harmonium – it’s the basic wind family instrument . it is played by trapping air in wooden box and exit from various metal reeds for different sound.
  6. Tanpura – people could not feel the importance of Tanpura till they have not listen any performance without it. Its very important instrument famous for its beautiful, rich and smoothing sound. Some yoga center also used its sound for magical effect.

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