Lyrics of Surdas Bhajan (Darshan Do Ghanshyam Nath):

arshan Do Ghanshyam Nath

Darshan do Ghanshyam Nath is a beautiful song of the movie Narsi Bhagat (1957). This song wrote by Surdas the great poet of Indian history. He was blind but he can feel Lord Krishna in front of him. He explains his feeling about Krishna by his poetry. In this song Surdas is calling Lord Krishna for save him.

Darshan Do Ghanshyam Nath the song is sung by Hemant Kumar, Sudha Malhotra and Manna Dey and Music by Ravi in the movie Narsi Bhagat.

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Akhiya Hari Darshan Ki Pyasi is a beautiful song sung by greatest poet Surdas of our history. Surdas was a great individual loved to Lord Krishna. He was always pray to Lord Krishna by his singing quality. He was the beautiful writer of bhajan. He always used to lovable wording in those bhajan. Surdas was a blind person but he could watch the lord Krishna in front of him.

The song Akhiya hari darshan ki pyasi explain searching internal eyes of Surdas for his lord. The song is a symbol of a priest love to his god. The song “Akhiya hari darshan ki pyasi” wrote by poet Surdas and sung by Jagjit singh.

Lyrics of Surdas Bhajan (Akhiya Hari Darshan Ki Pyasi):

Akhiya Hari Darshan Ki Pyasi

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