The Thanks giving Day is celebrated by western countries like United States, Canada, etc. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a lot of passion and enthusiasm by the peoples. Thanks giving Day is a joyous family occasion. Thanks giving day is celebrated in the memory of the buffet held by the Pilgrim colonists and people of the Wampanoag at Plymouth in year 1621.

On The Thanksgiving Day people worshipped to God for his blessings and they gives thanks to their beloved person. The happiest and an integral movement of the Thanksgiving Day occasion is a dinner with family. A beautiful quote we can see here about Thanks giving day :-

He who thanks but with the lips, Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving, Comes from the heart.
J.A. Shedd

Thanks Giving Day Celebration in year 2012:-

Date of Thanks giving Day is 24 November 2012.

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Thanksgiving Day is a western culture festival which is known as a happiest familiar festival. Thanksgiving day is celebrated in US, Canada, and some other countries. The Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated since 1789. The Thanksgiving festival memorialize the dinner held by Pilgrim colonists at Plymouth. On this day people gives thanks to precious ones for their love and sustain.

A beautiful quote on thanks giving day is following :–

So once in every year we throng, Upon a day apart,
To praise the lord with feast and song, In thankfulness of heart.
Arthur Guiter man

The Thanks Giving Day In Year 2011 :

  • The Thanks giving Day In 2011 : 24 November 2011

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