The Story of Mandodari (Wife of Ravana) :

According to Hindu mythology, there used to be a King of giants known as King Maya. He was married to an elf named Hema. Hema gave birth to a beautiful baby, but did not have any affection towards her baby. She abandoned her baby and went to heaven. King Maya loved his daughter very much and named her Mandodari.

One day King Maya was roaming on earth with his beautiful daughter Mandodari. She was 15 by that time and was very beautiful. Ravana, the king of Lanka happened to meet King Maya along with his daughter. Both Ravana and Maya introduced themselves to each other. Ravana begged King Maya for Mandodari to be his wife. King Maya accepted the proposal of Ravana and soon Ravana got married to Mandodari. King Maya gave Ravana lot of deadly and divine weapons as gifts.

Mandodari and Ravana

Mandodari and Ravana

Ravana had several wives, but Mandodar was his favorite wife. He loved her the most and had a special place for her in his heart. Mandodari was faithful to Ravana and always wished for his well being. She always tried to maintain Ravana on his virtuous path. She even used to protest humbly of his misdemeanor. But when Ravana abducted Sita, she tried to convince him that what he did was wrong and told him that Lord Rama not is not an ordinary person, but a supreme being. But Ravana didn’t listen to her and used to laugh away at her advice.

Lord Rama with his army of Vanaras attack Lanka. Ravana tries everything to defeat Lord Rama, but every time he is humiliated and defeated by mighty Rama and his men. Finally Ravana, the King of Lanka is killed by Lord Rama. Lord Rama triumphed over the veil (more…)

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According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, Mandodari was the Queen consort of Ravana, the king of Lanka. She is often described as beautiful, virtuous and righteous woman. Mandodari is worshipped as one of the five virgins (panchakanya) and it is believed that reciting their names dispel the sin.

Story of Mandodari In Ramayana :

Mayasura, the king of demons (Asuras) was the father of Mandodari and Apsara Hema was her mother. Mandodari had three sons,

Mandodari and Ravana - Image Source :

meghanada, Atikaya and Akshayakumara. She is believed to have hailed from Mandor, which is a town near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The Ravan Jee Ki Chanwari is the ancient protected structure in Mandor. Local people believe that this is the altar where the marriage was performed.

According to one of the stories, Ravana once made Lord Shiva so happy that he offered Ravana with a boon. Ravana asked for Parvati and Lord Shiva agreed to his demand. The Shiva-ganas came to know about it and immediately told Parvati about it. Parvati became angry at Ravana and decided to teach him a lesson.

She took a frog named Manduka and transformed it into a very beautiful woman. When Ravana saw this beautiful woman seated on Mount Kailash he assumed her to be Parvati and took her to Lanka. She later became known as Mandodari.

According to another story the name Mandodari is interpreted as manda-udari, which means one with a bad womb. The reason behind such a name is that it was once foretold that any child born to her will be the killer of Ravana.

One day in anger Mandodari drank the pot filled with blood of rishis who were killed by Ravana. This action of hers made her pregnant and gave birth to a girl child. Fearing for the baby’s life and Ravana’s life she put the baby in the box and dropped it in the sea. This girl child later came to be known as Sita, the daughter of king Janaka. When Ravana kidnapped Sita and brought her to Lanka Mandodari (more…)

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