India is a country of fairs and festivals and different traditions followed in these festivals are major attractions for tourists. These events are very beneficial for Indian tourism industry because many people only come to participate in these festivals.

Indian Fairs and Festivals:

These fairs and festivals thoroughly reflect the culture of India and also bring out the true spirit of Indian society. You can find the traditions, myths and religious beliefs related to Indian culture.

Celebrations of many fairs and festivals are associated with change of seasons or they are based on religious principle. For example, celebrations of Holi and Mewar festival are related with the starting of spring season. Teej, festival of Rajasthan is a symbol for onset of monsoon. In southern India, festivals of Onam and Bihu are related with the starting of harvesting season.

Konark dance festival is celebrated to encourage the Indian culture. Some popular festivals that are related with religion are Janmashtmi, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid-ul-fitar, Diwali, Christmas, Vasant Panchami, etc. Some other festivals including the above list are Raksha Bandhan, Elephant festival, Dessert festival, Dussehra and many more.

Different types of fairs are also arranged in India time to time and many people come from different locations to participate in these fairs. So many tourists also plan their vacations at the time of occurrence of many popular fairs. Some of the very popular fairs are Surajkund crafts fair, Pushkar fair and Urs Ajmer fair. Kumbh mela and Goa Carnival are extremely famous fairs amoung Indian people and tourists.

All these fairs and festivals are celebrated according to lunar calendar and people of all religions come together to celebrate all these events. People offer prayers, exchange gifts, dance and sing during these joyful events. So, these festivals play a very important role in the life of Indian people.

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