Tulsi Vivah observes on the eleventh day of Kartik moth or as on fool moon light day of kartik month of Hindu calendar. Tulsi Vivah is a festival of married women. On this day married women prayed to lord Vishnu for happy marriage life and for long live of their husband. There is also a beautiful myth behind the celebration of Tulsi Vivah.

Legend of Tulsi Vivah :

In ancient time of India There was a demon king named Jalandhar. He was so worst demon and always tried to destroy to saints and pilgrims people. Her wife named Vrinda was the great priest of his lord Vishnu but she much liked her husband too. She always prayed to lord Vishnu for her husband’s long life. Lord Vishnu was happy with her and blessed her. But that demon unnecessary uses the blessings of lord Vishnu.

To protect the entire world form the demon Jalandhar lord Vishnu got the form of Jalandhar and started living with her wife. After the death of Jalandhar she understands the reality and she cursed to lord Vishnu to be a stone of Shaligram. Vrinda in her previous birth named as Tulsi. And after cursing lord Vishnu she emerged in a Tulsi Plant. So this is the reason Lord Vishnu’s Puja can not be completed without leaves of Tulsi plant.

On the day of Tulsi Vivah people worship lord Vishnu by offering the leaves of Tulsi plant. Married women observed a ritual fast for the whole day. They engage themselves with various ritual and religious acts of the day.

Tulsi Vivah In Year 2012: 

Tulsi Vivah celebrated each of the years in the month of Kartik of Hindu calendar.

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