Christmas In Ukraine:

Ukraine celebrates the Christmas according to the Julian calendar. Celebration is starts on 6 January and end on 19 January or “Jordan”. 7 January is the Christmas day here which is the Orthodox Church holy day. Fasting for four weeks is tradition to celebrate Christmas here.

“Sviata Vechera” is the significance on this celebration. Christmas dinner is started when children announce the appearance of first star in the sky. In the rural area of country head of family brings sheaf of wheat called “didukh”(the grandfather spirit). sviata Vechera brings with prayer on Christmas day.

The head of the family recited the traditional Christmas greeting ‘Khristos rodyvsya!’ or ‘Khristos razhdayetsya’ (meaning Christ is born!). “Slavite Yoho!’ (Let Us Glorify Him!) is the answer given by other members of the family. Ukrainian Christmas carols or Kolyadky sings after supper by the entire family.

Collecting donation from door to door by Youngsters and children is another tradition here. Church services begin before midnight and continue to next day morning.

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