Valentines Day Celebration:

Valentines Day is unique day to express love to your loved one. Valentine day is celebrated by many people throughout the world. On this day lovers expose and propose their love to each other and celebrate together with love. Lovers give and take Greeting cards, flowers and gifts to each other. Couples go to garden and express their love to each other.

Many married couples join the parties and enjoy with celebration. Some of people express their love to give flower of red rose on this day. Many boys and girls go to on first date and express love to each other to give red rose. Some of them are too crazy about it because they go to hill and say with full of voice I Love You…

Valentine Day many of couples go to watch a romantic movie, many couples like to go parties, where they celebrate with another couples and play romantic games, sing songs and dance etc. Some couples like to maximum shopping together on this day. Many newly married couples go to temple and pray for their long love. Many couples go to candle light dinner in hotels and


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