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There are many famous songs and poems are written by famous writers in India on the topic of vasant / basant panchami. The basant or vasant season comes at the time when the fields of mustard turn yellow. the nature, the music of birds, the greenery of trees, bright colours and fragrance of flowers can make mood to any writer to write some on this beautiful nature.

There are many songs also written and sung by many famous writers and singers of India on the topic of vasant / basant panchami. there are many songs which are most famous in the Indian film industry. some of them are listed here.

The list of most famous songs and poems on Basant / Vasant panchami which was written and sung by Indian artists –

[1] Dharti ka hai aanchal peela,
Jhoome amber neela, neela,
Sab rangon se hai rangeela,
Rang basanti.

[2] Dil mera le gaya hai,
Yeh tera roop, gori,
Sarson ke phoolon jaisa.

[3] Aaj kal parson,
Jab phoolegi sarson,
Sajan ghar aa jana.

[4] Chanda bhi dekha, taare bhi dekhe,
Dekha suraj barson,
Par jis din se tujh ko dekha,
Man mein phooli sarson.

[5] Sarson peeli, dhaan sunhaile,
Sajan mera sanwariya ho.

[6] Aayi jhoom ke Basant,
Jhoomo sung, sung mein.

[7] Aaya Basant, sakhi,
Birha ka ant, sakhi,
Ban, ban mein chhai bahar.

[8] Peeli, peeli, sarson phooli,
peeli ude patang,
Peeli, peeli ude chunariya,
Peeli pagri ke sung.

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India is very famous for vasant / basant panchami festival. The basant or vasant season comes at the time when the fields of mustard turn yellow colour. vasant / basant Panchami is a very famous festival which is celebrated across all over the India. Basant panchami is celebrated at close of winter in the months of January February (on the arrival of spring ). The festival of vasant / basant panchmi can be celebrated on the panchami of the sukhla paksh in the magh month. The colour of this festival (basant panchami) is yellow and women can be wear different saffron colour based dresses.

This Vasant / basant panchami festival can takes an important place in Hindu families of India. family members can arrange the puja for goddess Saraswati which is known as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. women make rangoli at home and decorated it with charm. the place where the statue of goddess saraswati is kept is also been decorated. all family members can gather around the idol of saraswati and then they start the puja. Aarti is taken of the idol. children place their books at the feet of goddesses. at last of the puja laddoo and other sweets and fruits can be distributed in every present. some people can organise kite flying also on this day. this festival is celebrated in honour of Saraswati maa.

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