Vijaya Dashami is one to the major festivals of India. This festival is also observed during the time of Navratra festival in India. This festival is sign of victory of good over evils.

This festival celebrated each of years on tenth day of Aswin month according to Hindu calendar. Vijaya Dashami is also known as the name of Dashmi or Dashahara in all around country of India. Vijaya Dashami is not only in India but also celebrated in Nepal and Bangladesh also.

Nepal is a Hindu nation and it celebrated all Hindu festivals. In Nepal there is a large or huge celebration organizes each of years for festival of Vijaya Dashami. This is one of the major festivals of Nepal. Vijaya Dashami is the festival which has also a beautiful myth or story behind it celebration in all Hindu populated countries.

Vijaya Dashami celebrated each of the years to enjoy a day of won of righteousness over evils. On this day lord Rama killed a demon Rawan. Demon Rawan was kidnapped lord Rama’s wife Sita to marry purpose. But lord Rama killed him with help of Hanuman and others. This festival is a symbol of light and happiness. This festival celebrated with fasting and other ritual activities. People do charity and fed meals to poor on that day of Vijaya Dashami.

Vijaya Dashami In Year 2012 : 24th October

Vijaya Dashami celebrated each of the years in thrice of nation India, Bangladesh and Nepal but on large scale it is celebrated in India. Vijaya Dashami will also celebrate on tenth day of Aswin month in 2012 and it will be 24 October.

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Vijayadashmi, Dussehra Festival Celebration –

Vijayadashmi is also popularly known as Dussehra Festival in India and it is celebrated in the month of october every year with a great joy. Vijayadashmi Festival celebration shows that A good wins every time and evil lost. the name Dussehra is having the mean in it’s word Dussehra – “The Tenth Day”. vijayadashmi is the day when Rama killed Ravana.

During the dussehra celebration the ‘Ramleela’ play is a must thing for devotees and people. ramleela is a play which shows us the complete story of lord ram and sita. Bhajans, songs, music and diffrent cultural programmes are also a part of vijayadashmi festival at diffrent places of India. this is the victory of good over evil, and it shows peace and love. On the day of Dussehra, big size effigies of ravana stuffed with fireworks are raised at big mela ground in diffrent cities. Ramlila performer who plays role of ram (sets fire to them). this is popularly known as ‘Ravan Dahan’.

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