Celebrating Vishu Festival in Kerala:

Vishu festival is celebrated in accross India but the celebration of vishu in kerala state is most Famous. this festival usually comes at 14th of April month. Vishu is a most famous festival of Kerala. according to the malayalam calendar, the first day day of first month “Medam” is called and celebrated as vishu (Malayalam New Year’s Day).

Women prepare “Kani” which is very lucky it is said. they wish god to good fortune and health. women prepare large dish of metal and they make arrange some flowers, sweets, coconut, mangoes and coins in this thali. Diyas are also kept in this pooja thali. Family members are blindfolded and then their blindfolds are removed when view the Vishu Kani. this is the ritual and then family members goes to temples etc.

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Vishu is a popular festival major celebrated in south India. It is the first day of Malayalam month and new year’s first day, which are celebrated by specially in Kerala. This day falls in the month of medam (April-May) annually.

Vishu Festival is also a festival of a harvest season of Kerala. On this auspicious day Person offer to God, raw rice, yellow flower, bettle leaves and golden cucumber etc.

Many people organize boat race on this day and people participate in the large number. There are many songs have sung on this theme of Vishu (new year). People sings these songs and dance in the groups with great enthusiasm.

Songs Dedicated to Vishu Festival:

  1. choti choti gaiya song
  2. Radhe Krishna Bhajan sung by Jagjeet Singh
  3. Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari
  4. Krishna Krishna Bolo Radhe Radhe Bolo
  5. Jag Mein Sunder Do Hai Naam sung by (more…)

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