Vishwakarma diwas / jayanti or national Labour Day is a very good festival which can be celebrated accross all over the India. God vishwakarma is the lord of engineering and architacture. Lord vishwakarma was the engineer who designed the Indra lok, swarg lok and earth. Vishwakarma diwas is a day when all engineers can celebrate.

Lord vishwakarma was the son of lord brahma as Hindu peoples says. The day falls on kanya sankranti of every year. Vishwakarma jayanti can be celebrated on 17th September of English Calendar year. Vishwakarma pooja also can be performed to the god on the day of vishwakarma diwas /jayanti. The vishwakarma diwas is also called as the national Labour Day of India. Speacially the vishwakarma caste and community can celebrat this day with a greate joy and happyness.

There are many industrial areas in our country are named as vishwakarma industrial area and that type of names. The vishwakarma industrial area is situated also in jaipur rajasthan. The lord’s name is enough. There are many colleges and institutes are also named or known as Vishwakarma College, vishwakarma institute of information technology, vishwakarma institute of technology etc.

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The vihwakarma puja is a very important part of the vishwakarma diwas or jayanti.

The vishwakarma puja can be performed to the lord Vishwakarma on this day. First of all the place can be done clean. Then the lord vishwakarma’s idol can be placed at that place. The members of the family can decorate that idol with kumkum and flowers. Speacial sweats also be prepaired by the female ons. After all the vishwakarma puja all members can get prasad. People also decorate and worship their tools on this day. this is the whole vishwakarma puja style diffrent peoples can do as they like .

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