Navaratri Festival is a great festival of Hindu religion. In Sanskrit navaratri means ‘nine nights. Nine days are entirely dedicated to goddess Durga. It is a sacred occasion for Hindus. It is said that navratri is a festival of dance and adoration. In navaratra ‘Garba’ dance is a popular. On navaratra people dance with a lot of craze and passion.

Nine forms of Goddess Shakti:

Navratri Mata

Maa Amba

1). Shailaputri

Shailputri also known as a Sati Bhawani or Hemavati, daughter of Himalaya’s king Hemavana. She worshipped on the first day of navaratri. She has two hands with a trident and a lotus.

2). Bharmacharini

She is a second form of goddess Shakti. Bharmacharini is a sign of peace, joy
And prosperity. She has a water tool in her left hand and a rosary in right

3). Chandraghanta

She is worshipped on third day of navaratri for calm in life. She has a ten
hand and in every hand she has a weapon.

4). Kushmanda

She is worshipped on the fourth day. Kushmanda goddess rides a lion.

5). Skanda mata

The fifth form of goddess Shakti is called Skanda mata. She has four hands
and three eyes.

6). Katyayani

She is a daughter of a great sage Kata. She is worshipped on sixth day.

7). Kaal Ratri

She has a dark complexion that is why she called Kaal Ratri.

8). Maha Gauri

She has white complexion that’s why she known as a Maha Gauri. She rides a

9). Siddhidatri

She is also form of goddess Shakti and can give us Siddhi so she is known as siddhidatri.

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