Thai Pusam is celebrated in south india specially in Tamil Nadu. This festival dedicated to god kartikeya the people of tamil nadu called them Subramaniam, the son of god shiv. The festival is celebrated in the month of January-February each year. It is the harvest season of month.

Thaipusam is a festival of Tamil Nadu associated with atonement. On this day the procession of kartikeya taken out from the temple and The large numbers of people participate in this procession. The pilgrims observe fast and prayers.

Some devotees bodies covered in hooks and their cheeks with skewers or will attach hooks or spikes to other parts of their body. At the beginning of the procession pilgrims are induced to enter a religious trance in order to tolerate the pain involved.

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  1. KK
    February 22nd, 2010 | 6:49 pm

    First correct the title not tahi pusam,taipusam because as a indian i need 2 correct that

  2. KK
    February 22nd, 2010 | 6:50 pm

    sorry it is thaipusam

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