Tamil Nadu is a well known place of traditions and impressive culture, arts, music and rhythm in India. People from here celebrate many kind of festival according to the religion and society over there. Tamil Nadu’s New Year day is one of them, people celebrates this day with lot of joy and excitement.

Tamil New Year is famous by many names like “Varsha Pirappu or Puthandu”. It comes on the starts of chittirai (Virudhi – Tamil year) or April month of English calendar. On the 13 or 14 day of month there would be every thing new all around. A person give good wishes to each other and says “Puthandu Vazthukal” means Happy New Year.

A legend saying is behind of this celebration that lord Bramha the creator and innovator of universe start to creation of universe on this day and Godness Meenakshi got married with sundereshwarar also. At some places of Tamil nadu Chittirai and car festival is also celebrated on this day.

Tamil New Year Celebration :

It starts with the “Kanni” that includes looking at jwellery (gold and silver), fruits, nuts, flowers and coconuts which makes a good luck for then in New Year. “Maanga Pachadi” is the dish of this day which prepared and served on this day. It’s prepared by Neem Flowers, Raw Mango and Jaggery that result a bitter, sour and sweet teats all in one dish.

Completing daily routine work people take ritualistic bath, wear new Attire and pray with family starting by lighting “kuttu Vilaku”- traditional lamp to God. After that they goes to temples for charm blessings of god. Entrance and wall of the house colored and decorated by “kolams” & rangoli.

The Date of Famous New Year Festival of Tamil Nadu-“Varsha Pirappu” This year is: 14 April 2012

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