Teej Fair is very famous and biggest festival of Rajasthan specially in Jaipur. This fair comes in the month of Shravan (August). This festival of Teej is also dedicated to the god shive and parvati. This festival celebrated specially in two days in Jaipur with greatness.

People decorated their house and shops with flowers on this festival of Teej in Jaipur. Many people goes to the temple of Goddess parvati and pray for them and their family. The young girls and women dressed new green clothes and dance with sung songs during this fair of Teej. On this fair of Teej women Prepare sweets and delicious food on their home and offered to goddess parvati. Many women’s specially organised pooja and coronation(Hawan) in their house for peace and prosperity.

During this fair of Teej people make and decorated colorful procession with idol of goddess parvati. This procession taken out from the temple of goddess parvati and goes to the main market which is watched by people in large numbers. at last this procession goes to the fair of Teej where people comes and enjoy with joy.

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