The teej festival comes in the month of July-august every year. The yellow & green colour is special colour of the celebration of teej festival. teej festival is a colourful festival of India and It is said that the teej name comes because this festival come on the third day of shravan month. women apply heena on their palms on the day of Teej. The festival of teej dedicated to goddess parvati and lord shiva.

Teej festival is specially celebrated in Jaipur in Rajasthan. Women decorates the idol of goddess parvati with flowers & jewellery and than pray for their husband’s long life. women sung songs and dance in group around the idol of goddess parvati and they enjoy very much on the day of teej. In some cities of rajasthan people arrange a royal procession with the idol of goddess parvati. The procession goes to the main market of city and stops at the fair ground of teej.

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