There is but one god, Allah, and it is the absolute truth. Allah can be called upon or worshipped by any name. Difference of names is not a point of controversy because all names are of Allah and Allah is supreme, he is the only spiritual Creator and Evolver. Allah can be worshipped by any name, only if one does so with a pure mind and complete devotion. Allah has been given 99  names and Allah is the name that completes the circle of the hundredth name.

The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah:

Why and how these names came into existence is not a mystery. While travelling on the spiritual path of self-recognition, men discovered their inner self; the facets of the various aspects of divinity and for their own understanding assigned them different names.

Different aspects of self-awareness, made him climb higher on the holy path and his own experiences made him worship Allah in various facets, giving a new name with a new realization.

All the letters of the Arabic language has a numerical value and attracts supreme and cosmic power and is energically charged with the divine power. The combined letters, with which the 99 names of Allah are conceived, are numerically powered, so that the chanting of these names will appease Allah, pacify the chanter and also purify the environment. It is upon the worshipper to choose a name which satisfies his sense of divinity or that which awakens his spirituality.

The different names of Allah are also recited to evoke the angels these names represent, so achieve the purpose of the practitioner. The purpose may be any of the problems of the practitioner that he wants solved by these supreme powers. However, chanting of any of the 99 names of Allah is the same as worshipping Allah.

99 Names

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