All the communities, all over the world, take pride in their culture and tradition. Festivals flaunt the culture and tradition of a country.  All over India Diwali is celebrated with full vigour and energy for 5 days in a row. Each day has its own importance and specification.

The Five Day Diwali Extravaganza:

The first day is known as the Dhanteras or Dhanwantari triodasi. This first day celebration starts with offering a lighted diya to Yama the god of death. The speciality of this day is that people buy metal according to their status. Very affluent families may buy silver or gold and the less affluent families may purchase utensils of stainless steel, copper.

The second day is also known as the Choti Diwali. On this day women can give heed to some beauty tips to beautify themselves or this day is also known as Roop Chaudas.

The third day is the lime light of this festival. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped with great fervour as she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Earthen oil lamps are lit and the whole house dazzles with the sheer brilliance of the sparkle of these diyas. The women decorate their houses with rangolis. People express their joy and happiness by lighting fire crackers.

The fourth day is called the Govardhan puja day. Lord Krishna had saved the birthplace of his beloved goddess Radha by uprooting the mountain Govardhan on his little finger. In remembrance of that incident this day is celebrated and 56 varieties of sweets are offered to lord Krishna. The fifth day is of Bhai Dooj. All the sisters, throughout India pamper their brothers with a wide variety of sweets and tasty dishes after putting a tilak in their forehead.

Diwali is proudly celebrated by people all over India which reflects the Indian culture and tradition in all its glory. The excitement and the joyous spirit that prevails during Diwali is unmatched by any other festival.

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