Independence Day of India is the day when the country of India freed out from the British Rule in the year of 1947. India got Independence from the British Rule as on the date of 15th August so this day is declared as Independence Day of India.

Each of year in India, a bright ceremony organizes to celebrate this achievement of freedom fighters of our country.  Independence Day is the national holyday of India. On this day various parts of various states of India organizes a flag-hoisting ceremony by their local people and administrators. In New Delhi the capital of India organizes a main or major ceremony on that day of India.

Independence Day of India is a most important day of this country. It is a celebration of freedom and a sign of sacrifices of our freedom fighters so it becomes a part of this country. On that day each of the Indian can proud on his country and make they prepare to work for the country. Independence Day is become a festival and it is the day which is most celebrated occasion of India.

Independence Day India In Year 2012: 15th August

Independence Day of India celebrated each of years on date of 15th August. In year 2012 it will also celebrate on date of 15th August.

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