Festival of Holi is a very popular festival in India and is associated with so many legends. These legends are very popular among people and people believe all these legends from bottom of their hearts. These legends not only tell the importance of festival but also give us a proper reason to celebrate the Holi festival. In this modern world, these legends play an important role of binding people with the ancient traditions. Faith in these legends binds people in spirit of harmony and love.

Story of Dhundhi :

Legend of Dhundhi is one of the popular legends associated with Holi festival. This legend is about the ogress Dhundhi who

Holi Colors

Holi Colors

used to give trouble to innocent children. She had won so many boons from divine beings by performing so many penances on herself. She became unbeatable with the help of these boons. But she also got a curse from Lord Shiva and that’s why she was not very immune to the jokes and exploitation of young boys.

One day, young boys of village decided to fight with Dhundhi and decided to throw her from their village forever. Then they got bhaang and after drinking it they started insulting Dhundhi. They followed her to the border of village, making noise, beating drums and throwing words of insult on her. They continued doing this until Dhundhi left the village. It was the very courageous work of those young boys. So, this legend of Holi also states the victory of good over evil.

That’s why, following the tradition, today also, young boys are allowed to drink and they are also allowed to use rude words on the day of Holi.

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