Radha Krishna The legends :

This legend tells about the mischievous behavior of youngKrishna. According to the legend, color ofKrishnawas dark and Radha had fair complexion. So, the childKrishnawas very jealous of Radha’s fair color. One day, went to her mother Yashoda and complained about this injustice of nature.

So, Yashoda gave him an idea to color the face of Radha’s face in any color he wanted. Then the mischievous Krishna followed the advice of her mother and applied color on face of Radha and other gopis. Since then Holi is said to be the festival of colors. You can find various paintings and murals which show the beautiful scene of Krishna playing colors with Radha and other gopis.

The celebrations of Holi :

This legend of Lord Krishna in which he applied color on Radha and other gopis using water jets called pichkaris became very famous and became a tradition. So, following this tradition, on the next day of Holika Dahan people play with colors

Legends of Radha-Krishna

Legends of Radha-Krishna

and this day is called ‘Dhulandi’. Today also, people use pichkaris to throw color on each other. Lovers express their affection for their beloveds by applying color on them.

This legend gets alive every year on this Holi festival and is very famous in the regions related to Radha and Krishna like Matura, Vrindavan andBanaras. The festival is celebrated with lots of fun in other parts of the county also.

On this day, the whole country gets covered with colors and looks very beautiful in different colors. After playing with colors, people love to dance on beat of dhol and to sing bollywood Holi songs. In some states of the country, it is a tradition to place the status of Radha andKrishnaon decorated palanquin and take them to the main streets of the city. People sing religious and devotional holi songs on this occasion.

In the evening people meet with their friends and relatives and exchange gifts with them. Some communities also organize Holi get-together to increase socialism in this modern society.

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