The festival of Diwali is the most important festival for the people; it is time of fun and revelry. It is the celebration of lights. All communities celebrate this festival such as Hindu, Sikh and Jain. This is the five day festival, on these days people worship to their Lord for the happiness and the bright future. The Laxmi is the goddess of the wealth.

The Laxmi puja is the most significant part of this festival. The Laxmi puja performed by the people for success, peace and prosperity in future. Laxmi poojan has a process to done the worship.

Elements or ingredients for Laxmi Pooja :

Paan (betel leaves), Flowers, Agarbaties, Diyas, Kumkum, Sweets, Milk, Water, Gangajhal, Pooja Thali, Seasonable Fruits etc.

There is the step by step process of Laxmi pooja on diwali occasion:

1) Laxmi poojan can be performed in evening time on the day of diwali festival.
2) First of all clean the puja room and give bath to Laxmi and Ganesha with gangajal and milk and then by water.
3) Offer Five verity of sweets and Ghee Diyas to the goddess.
4) Aarti or bhajan (devotional song) sung by the people to praise goddess Laxmi and lord ganesha.
5) Offer flowers to deities of Laxmi and Ganesha.
6) Place Agarbatis and Diya at pooja place.
7) After this pooja, family members can take Prasad and food. Then do decorate your home with diyas and electric items.

Ganesh Pooja:
Ganesha is the fist Lord for each and every good moment, so it has to be praying before any

other goddess or god.

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