The great king Mahabali, during his reign treated everyone was happy as there was no theft, no cheating, no inequality and everyone was given respect and reverence.

Theoretical Legends Behind Onam:

By observing such land which equalizes heaven ,the god and goddesses out there in heaven became tensed and worried that they will lost their identity and thus sent Vamana(Lord Vishnu in disguise) who a small boy wanted some land from King Mahabali’s kingdom. The king welcomed Vamana warmly and treated him with reverence and readily accepted Vamana’s boon which is ‘three feet of land’.

Sukracharya, who is the counselor to Mahabali, perceived that Vamana is not a normal person and the boon could lead to danger. Mahabali, who is well known for his generosity cannot say no to the boon asked by Vamana. But just as the King said yes to his boon, Lord Vishnu became gigantic and he kept one foot on the earth, one foot on the sky and asked for the third feet of land.

King Mahabali, readily understood Vamana’s intention, but he had to keep his word and so he bowed his head to Vamana to place the last feet on his head and thus Vamana  pushed him into the nether under earth’s crust. As the king is greatly valued by his disciples, he is nick named by Onathappan /Maveli and was called the King of Kings. Since, his origin is from Asura dynasty; all Devas became jealous of him. The reign of Maveli is literally called as golden era, as people even don’t close their doors, as there were no thieves. No poverty, disease or any sort of worry went through any people in his reign and all were happy and contented.

Lord Mahabali, before giving the boon to Vamana asked Vishnu the last wish which the Lord granted, which is to visit the land once a year. Additionally Lord Vishnu told the king that, he will be loved by his disciples ever and also by Lord himself. Vamana’s idol is placed in a temple as ‘Trikkakara Appan or Vamanamurthy’ as he is supposed to originate from the place called Trikkakarara which is situated about 10 kms far from Kochi .In Tamilnadu too, the legend is portrayed in the Suchindram temple in the district of Kanyakumari.

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