Tradition of Fireworks On Diwali:

Diwali means joy and happiness of the life. It makes a person desirable for his -her future to face the difficulties. It is a holyday of lights and firecrackers, on this festival people shows their joy with lighting of firecrackers and with the show of lights in row to celebrate their very famous religious hero the lord Rama’s victory over demon Ravan. After the diwali poojan people enjoy with the fireworks to make the day memorable. Firecrackers can create a magic in the sky with very beautiful sounds and design in the whole open sky.


Firecrackers are the sign of joy of persons. On the diwali night people enjoy with the fircrackers but now days it being so much dangerous for human bodies and assets of the nation.

On this day people may be very energetic, so they take it very lightly and they use firecrackers without safety. So sometimes it can creates very critical conditions as like the burning of huts and houses, burn the hands or cloths of the user or others, it can damage a personality etc. so make it secure and safe.

Available Firecrackers In Markets: In current market there are many types of firecrackers available in various types of shapes, designs and ranges such as air rockets, firecrackers etc.

Safety for the Use of Firecrackers: The careless use of the firecrackers can affect a person very critically. It can make a person burnt, can damage his eyes make him blind, can make his disable for the whole life. It can damage also tangible assets as like damage in houses and workplaces.

Enjoy with the firecracker can make you’re a night memorable but respect of environment also and do some safety checks.

Firework creates pollutions in the air and creates sound pollutions also, so we have to avoid it with maximum priority.

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