Diwali celebrated in the joyous of return of Lord Rama after fourteen year banvas. The name of diwali taken from the Sanskrit word deepawali. The festival is also popular as the name of the festival of lights and joy. It also called as the name of deepawali.

The Tradition of Lights on Diwali:

The occasion comes in the last three months of year, mainly October- November. The festival of the diwali is the most popular festival of the Indian religion in all around the universe. On the festival days people manage diyas and many other items to generate lights in all over the home, workplaces and gardens etc. to remove darkness.

So, the decoration of the nights is the decoration of lights to make their life bright. The word deepawali is the combination of two different types of words, first is deep and second is awali and there is deep refers for light and awali is refer for rows. It means on this day people decorate diyas in rows.

The lights of the festival is the sign of success after facing many types of critical conditions and difficulties by the lord Rama and it is also a sign of new and bright future. The tradition of lights can make a person energetic and can motivate him to overcome from his problems as like the great epic hero. The rows of lights make a common thought among the communities to live with all of the communities a peaceful life.

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