Tibetan Religious Symbols:

Gautam Buddha did not believe in using his image as the symbol of Buddhism and therefore there were different symbols that were used to represent the religion. One of the major symbols is the Bodhi tree that is a symbol of Buddhism as it is under this tree that Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Then there is a eight-spoke wheel that talks about the eight fold noble path. The three swirling in the centre of this wheel represent three important aspects of Buddhist practice. Buddhist people also use an empty throne and footprints of Buddha as symbols.

Other than the symbols mentioned above, there are eight Tibetan symbols that are considered to be lucky by the people. Each of the eight symbols holds a special meaning for the Buddhist people in Tibet as well as other parts of the world. The first of such Tibetan symbols is the Precious Umbrella. This is a symbol of respect for Buddhist people. The second one in this list is two golden fishes. These fishes represent the two eyes of Gautam Buddha and they also symbolize wisdom and happiness.

The third important symbol in this category of Tibetan symbols if the Great Inexhaustible Treasure Vase. This Vase is a symbol of many different qualities of the life of Lord Buddha. The fourth Tibetan symbol is the Excellent Lotus Flower which symbolizes salvation and purity. Fifth Tibetan symbol that is of great significance is Precious White Conch Horn. This is a symbol of Dharma. The sixth symbol in the line is the Glorious Interwoven Knot of Life. This knot represents love for the life of all of Buddha’s disciples. Seventh Tibetan symbol is Supreme Circular Banner of Victory. This banner is a representation of victory over negativity.

Last but not the least is the Golden Wheel of Dharma that represents the religious teachings of Gautam Buddha.

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