Gifts are an integral part of Diwali festival. One can never forget or forgo the importance of this tradition. Irrespective of the status or position, gifts are exchanged throughout these five days of celebration of Diwali festival.

Selecting Gifts for Employees:

The joyous spirit of this festival tends to spread joy and happiness. The employers gift their employees with different kind of gifts to express their festive spirit. Domestic employees and corporate employees are all gifted to make them feel like a part of the system and to spread the joyous spirit.

Domestic employees can be gifted with all sorts of items as they are few and their needs and wants are known by the employer. On the other hand, arranging gifts for corporate employees can be a dicey job. Firstly the number of employees is huge. Knowing their tastes and wants may not be possible. Secondly, all the employees are generally given the same gift. So the gift should be such that it pleases all. Another factor is the budget. The gifts should be within the budget of the company. It is observed that corporate houses often go for consumable items that are attractively packaged. This is becoming the universal choice as everyone likes the consumable items such as sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, etc.

Gifts should be selected with a lot of love and care for the employees. These gifts reflect the message of the company. A gift well-chosen will create an ambience of joy and unity among the employees. If different gifts are chosen for different employees it may become a point of friction. This simple difference may ruin the unity between the employees.

Online shopping for gifts has become very savvy and preferable. Many options are available on the online shopping portals. The quality of the gift is authentic and is delivered at the doorstep directly by the companies or the shops.

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