Christmas is the holy and exciting festival due to its gifting, music, dancing, praying and fun. May you will get bore to celebrate Christmas vacation at your home year after year. If it is the here you will get best Christmas celebration spot having lots of beauty and fun.

These places are not only famous for their festivity of Christmas but also their funny and exiting life style. Here are the list given bellow top ten best places to visit on Christmas.

Top 10 Places for Christmas Vacation:

1. Caribbean islands
2500 mile area covers with island in sea and best beaches of the world make this place to be at top for visitors.

2. Goa (India)
Best sunset, sea and seafood make this place unique to visit on Christmas. You can celebrate your Christmas in lowest budget here.

3. Holland
Large fields of tulips, picturesque countryside and farm lands will make your Christmas special here.

4. Lass Vegas
A high standard life style, beautiful lighting give feeling of day into night and full of resources to have fun will make this spot memorable to your whole life.

5. Rome
Pure and very traditional celebrating of Christmas here will fall you in actual mean of Christmas.

6. New York
Time Squire and busy street of New York will make you to enjoy every second of Christmas celebration.

7. New Zeeland
The favorite spot of tourists is also known as best Christmas celebration.

8. Paris
City of lights make you feel the charm of Christmas inside.

9. Rio de Janeiro
The place of best Christmas fairs and Christmas activity will give you feel of basic Christmas feast.

10. Sydney
Biggest city of Australia is known for its beaches, amazing decoration and delicious food.

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