Christmas is a festival celebrated on 25 of December of every year in remembrance of birth of Jesus.

The festival is known as Christmas on the name of father Christmas. He is also well known as “Santa Clause”. The festival has tradition of enjoying, relishing the season, exchanging gifts ,greeting cards and wishes.

Toy gifts usually given to On Christmas are:

  1. Soft toys like Micy Mouse, a small Santa etc.
  2. Board games like snake and leaders and who will reach to Santa first.
  3. Masks of Santa.
  4. Drawing books containing various accessories of Santa to paint and draw.
  5. Small plastic items to make house ,structures and figure of Santa also
  6. Musical Santa, dancing Santa.
  7. Video games featuring Santa and other famous characters like Goofy, Donald duck etc.
  8. Flash cards and card games emphasizing Santa.
  9. You can also gift some toy train which looks cool and become useful for kids too.
  10. Rest are the common gifts like Barbie-dolls, musical toys, car toys etc.

To celebrate a festival with joy and happiness shows culture and enthusiasm of any country and area. India is a country which celebrates all festival of all religions enthusiastically, so people of India celebrates Christmas with new year.

  • Date of Christmas: Every year on 25th of December.

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