Diwali is the festival of lights and firecrackers. It celebrated in respect of lord Rama to show their joy of victory. At this time he was comes back to ayodhya back after 14 year of exile. There are many rituals to follow at the diwali night, cards game playing is one of them.

Tradition of Playing Cards On Diwali:

At the night of light, game of cards is extremely famous in India. It is a tradition of the festival, people believe that the game of playing cards at the diwali ensures the goodwill by the goddess of wealth laxmi. The winner of the game can enjoy the night as a memorable part of life and the loser of the night can wait for batter luck for next year.

At the day of diwali the gambling is also has a legend behind it.

According to the mythological story at the night of diwali the goddess parvati played dice with her husband lord shiva, so its being a part of the festival. People believes that the playing of cards at the day of diwali will make happy god and it will be very good luck in future.

There also a saying that who does not play the card at the night will be taking reborn as a donkey in next life cycle. If a person won money by gambling at the festival night it is believed that he will win the future also.

The gambling of card on diwali night is a superstition of people for the success way. In Conclusion we can say it is a bad habit but because of it is a ritual of diwali from a long time many people are getting involve in this playing cards game.

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