The festival of diwali is a very beautiful celebration or occasion of all over the world, because on this day millions of people pray at the same time of evening with the religiouse filling to the god. This not only a celebration of the day but also it is the victory of a great hero over a demon, it is a success of good over evil.

Tradition of Rangoli on Diwali Festival:

To celebrate this occasion people make some traditional things to invite god and goddess to their home such as diwali poojan, use of firecrackers and rangoli.

Rangoli is the part of the festival to make it colorful and joyful. In evening of this festival after diwali pooja people make some colorful rangolis in front of the door of the house and inside the door with various types of color and paints. Rangoli is an art of uses of colors powder and paints on the floor; the main purpose of making of rangoli is for the welcome of the goddess laxmi to their home or workplace.

How To Make Rangoli: to make rangoli a person should have the owner of creative mind with artistic sense. Each and every person who wants to make rangoli need to create imaginary patterns with the using of his/her mind? Rangoli have to make with the finger or we can use some affect tools to make it batter.

Patterns of Rangoli:

There are no limit of the patterns of rangoli because of it is completely dependent on the imagination of the individual personality. An individual can make some symbols like sunrise, moon, and flowers or can make some new ideas.

Rangoli is the most important part of our culture, it is the symbol of our hospitality and perfection of our belief on the god. It is not only an art but also a sense of belief.

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