Thandai is a healthful and refreshing drink which is embedded with the festival of Holi. This drink is used to serve in the midst of the color playing occasion when people feel little tired and exhausted by throwing each other in pool of colored water. A glass filled with thandai gives instant energy and again sets the mood to play with colors.

When this thandai is served by mixing with bhang then it can make any person to sing, dance to become wild. It also acts as mood setter on this day of Holi.

Hub of Thandai:

This tradition of drinking thandai on the festival of Holi is very famous in north India and Banaras is the center of this tradition. People of Banaras are very passionate about the milk based drinks and thandai is their specialty.

Making of Thandai:

Bhang Thandai Recipe

Bhang Thandai Recipe

Thandai is typically made of sugar, water, watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds, seeds of lotus stem, almonds, saunf, cardamom, rose-flower, cashew nuts, saffron, white pepper and intoxicating bhang.

After effects :

Drinking a glass of thandai by mixing one spoon of bhang makes lot of difference. It gives energy to play colors. It can make people very happy and can also make some people feel very depressed. You should be very cautious while adding bhang to thandai because its overdose can cause so many negative effects.

In north India temperature is little bit high at the time of Holi festival so thandai acts as coolant for the people. Our elders used to make thandai at home but now commercial concentrates of thandai are available in market. You can buy that and can make instant thandai.

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