Christmas Traditions of Denmark:

Danish country Denmark is very famous for high production of milk and related products. Atmosphere here is too good to live for both human beings and wild life. Christmas here is the time to play pranks on people by mischievous elf or Nisise. They live in old farmhouses. They wear Gray woolen clothes, red bonnet and stocking, white clogs on Christmas. They help people at farmhouses with kind and helpful nature. Dinner on Christmas starts with cinnamon-laced rice pudding with almond in it. Person get prize who find it.

Dinner followed this custom by roast goose, red cabbage and browned potatoes. People give special gift are gave to servants. Danish people are very crazy about to decorate their houses by bright paper wood artificial and straw. Families gather around the Christmas tree and sing carols and hymns. People are invited on every Sunday in advent month. They light candles against advent crown. Drinking by adults and eating chocolate, sweets by children increases love and fun of this celebration.

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